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July 17, 2006

Since returning from RailsConf, I’ve been working like mad on my first Rails app and Summer of Rails project.

So, today, I’m very happy to announce I’ve just launched Graffletopia, a website that makes it easy to share OmniGraffle stencil files. (For those who don’t know, OmniGraffle is essentially Visio for Mac… but way better, of course. And stencils are just clip art files that can be easily shared.)


Stencils are a cool part of OmniGraffle, but the list on the Omnigroup website always seemed a bit buried. Hopefully, by having a separate site for sharing stencils, it will be easier to find and share cool stencils.

I don’t think Graffletopia will ever be a huge website, but I’m willing to bet many other Mac-based web designers will find it useful.

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