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sd.rb podcast features Summer of Rails

July 18, 2006

sd.rb podcast

At the last sd.rb meeting, I gave a talk on the Summer of Rails and my experience developing Graffletopia (my first SoR app).

Thanks to Chris Abad, my presentation is now online and is available as the first episode of the official sd.rb podcast.

I gotta say… it’s kinda weird seeing yourself in iTunes.

sd.rb podcast: Episode 001: Summer of Rails


  1. Sean Jul 19 edit

    Hey Patrick - Thanks for the presentation last night at Refresh. I took the liberty of plugging your Summer of Rails project here:

    - Sean

  2. Patrick Jul 20 edit

    Sweet, Sean. Thanks!

  3. AnĂ­bal Rojas Aug 6 edit

    Off Topic: This is just a quick note to invite you to register at, a meeting place for people interested in the Ruby Programming Language or any of the related technologies.

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