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Call of Duty fun

August 1, 2006

Call of Duty

4X Trilinear filtering option + my Mac = crazy colors


  1. Ac Colavin Aug 4 edit

    Lookin nice, Patrick! It looks as though video games are becoming a part of the Mac world as well!. Maybe this will make me switch.

  2. tw Aug 9 edit

    looks like an acid trip

  3. greg Sep 8 edit

    this pick is shit

  4. dorjee Oct 6 edit

    it is so funny

  5. alfred Nov 23 edit

    pweda bang mag dwonlaod ng call of duty

  6. dirk111 Mar 17 edit


  7. gaby Apr 9 edit

    Fain jocul, foarte fun imaginea.

  8. dirk111 May 9 edit

    hahaha I’m fool

  9. HITLER FISH Jun 9 edit


  10. HITLER FISH Jun 9 edit

    Daniel copeman likes men and he lives in a cardboard box

  11. alphard Aug 2 edit

    call of duty 6 is very 3:)

  12. josh Aug 17 edit

    nice too bad this isnt cod

  13. Myles Sep 22 edit

    The pic is not funny, though it is effective!

  14. cory Nov 3 edit

    agreed acid trip lol!

  15. Jonnyske7ch Nov 27 edit

    Black Ops:

  16. shubham Dec 15 edit

    best game of this world

  17. cheesyfri Dec 28 edit

    I dont get why thats funny or cOOOooL its and where did you buy that game becuase that game is old!!

  18. cheesyfri Dec 28 edit

    you need to get cooler games such as Black Ops or COD MW2 and screw them up

  19. LOL Jan 5 edit

    Nice game….I’ve never seen cod2 like that before..I’ve got cod2 and it’s pretty cool….the different colour scheme seems to make it look alot different.

  20. yousif Jan 21 edit


  21. lucky Feb 9 edit

    i like the game call of duty on tuesday i got call of duty black ops

  22. lucky Feb 9 edit

    isn’t there any more pictures then this

  23. dustin Mar 15 edit

    yall aint got shit on no call of duty skills like me

  24. Black ops Master Mar 15 edit

    yall aint got shit on my skills im playin online over 7 hours a day on xbox 360 i get first everytime i play no mods no addons no glitches no bullshit fellas.

  25. brendan Apr 12 edit

    Yeah my friend spends more then 7 hours more like 15 hours a day and
    Was 10th in mw2 in a month. Yeah and you think your the shit lmao wow

  26. thomas Apr 17 edit


  27. sk moharana Jul 26 edit

    amazing to play and challenge

  28. korean Aug 27 edit

    I’m Korean!!!!

  29. denuwan Aug 28 edit

    army free games download

  30. janno arce Sep 19 edit

    more call of duty games…

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