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New York Post 2.0

September 28, 2006

Whoa…. looks like the New York Post just launched a redesign. Sneaky bastards.

New York Post

If you ever used the old Post site, then you know how much of a miracle this really is. It was a big stinking pile of crap. Blinking font tags, insane numbers of banner tags (sometimes, they’d even prevent pages from loading fully), and a tacky design that smelled like 1996.

Google maps

But here’s my favorite new feature. The Page Six Star Map. It’s got Google Maps integration so now you can see exactly where your favorite celebrities were spotted. Our first victims… I mean celebrities: Bill and Melinda Gates!

What I like

  • Layout optimized for 1024 x 768
  • Improved branding — the website design is now almost identical to the print version of the paper. Big fonts and images. They even add faux scuff marks on the edges of the layout. I love it.
  • Better ad placement — advertisements are now tastefully presented and no longer overwhelm site content
  • The site isn’t valid HTML 4.01 yet, but the markup is reasonably well-formed. Believe it or not, the Post (126 errors) is more valid than the New York Times (479 errors). Do conservatives write better markup?

What I don’t like

  • News articles are broken into “pages”. Can you say “we need more pageviews”?
  • The main stylesheet is bloated with lots of repetitive declarations
  • Some of the Flash content has classic bad UI design, like tiny unmarked paginators. (Are next and previous buttons really so bad?)
  • Do we really need a weather bug in the header? Cute, but unnecessary. Removing it would let the other elements in the header breathe a bit.
  • The search “Go” button in the site header is too small and illegible.
  • The Opinion section could use a more contextualized layout, with more prominent placement of editorial headlines and bylines
  • The Post is still a shill for the Bush administration

Final word: it’s not quite as good as the new Vinh Khoi powered New York Times, but this is a solid redesign.

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