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New Askville logo

November 15, 2006

Updated Askville logo

Less than 24 hours after my blog post, Amazon changes the Askville logo. ‘Nuf said?

(Thanks to the Askville guys. I owe you a beer!)


  1. Mitchell Kimbrough Nov 15 edit

    Looks like someone in legal sent someone a terse email.

  2. Pedro fo Nov 15 edit

    Pity others didn’t read enough of the first post to understand that you were remarking on the similarity rather than claiming being ripped off.

  3. Stephen Coles Feb 7 edit

    Of course it’s not nearly as good. The type and shadow is a step back.

  4. Brian Dear Jun 6 edit

    FYI I emailed Jeff about the logo the day it came out, asked that they change it due to similarities to Eventful’s, and a little while later it got changed. Coincidence? Don’t know.

  5. Patrick Jul 20 edit

    Cool, Brian. I’m glad you did.

    I guess we’ll never the details behind the change, but it was smart of them to fix it.

    Amazon should definitely reboot its design language for spinoff projects. IMHO, once you get beyond the main website, their branding gets confusing.

  6. Marlon Mclarty Jul 22 edit

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