is Patrick Crowley

I make web applications.

A great web application is more than a website or web page.

It's an experience. A clever mix of design, programming, and branding. Making hard things seem easy. Connecting us with others. Adding value. Pushing the edge.

Here's some of the stuff I've built…



I'm the creator of iCalShare, the largest directory of shared calendars on the web.

The site, launched in September 2002, contains over 2500 calendars in more than 35 different categories. Calendars are free to download and can be used with desktop applications like iCal, Mozilla Calendar, Novell Evolution, and Microsoft Works; as well as web-based calendars Google Calendar, 30 Boxes, Trumba, and others.

iCalShare has appeared in Wired News, Macworld, MacAddict, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Steve Jobs also mentioned iCalShare during this keynote speech at Macworld San Francisco 2003.

Cinema Treasures

Cinema Treasures

I'm co-founder (and designer/developer) of Cinema Treasures.

Cinema Treasures is a groundbreaking website devoted to movie theater preservation and awareness. Utilizing the community-building capabilities of the Internet, Cinema Treasures unites movie theater owners and enthusiasts in a common causeā€”to save the last remaining movie palaces across the country.




Eventful is a Web 2.0 event search engine with innovative search tools, a robust API, and support for microformats, including hCard and hCalendar.

As a consultant, I helped launch the original EVDB website (the precursor of Eventful) for PCForum 2005, then as an employee, spearheaded a complete redesign and rebranding of EVDB as Eventful.

Songwriter 101

Songwriter 101

Songwriter 101 is a place where music business professionals help next generation songwriters learn the ins and outs of the business.

I worked as the primary developer of this website, and also created a polling module for the site's pMachine-based backend.

Fun projects

Green Hummer Project

Green Hummer Project

Helped build an SUV that's healthy, friendly, non-polluting, simple, inexpensive, fun, and socially responsible.

How is that possible? It's a bike!

(Also developed the GHP logo and website.)


My life with Ruby on Rails. is a blog about my experiences as a Rails developer.

Includes plugins I've developed, links to talks I've given at the local Ruby brigade, and useful code samples.

Created a blog about Battlestar Galactica, the science fiction television drama that follows a group of humans fighting for their existence against a deadly race of robots.

The site also includes a Yahoo / Dashboard widget that's used by thousands of BSG fans to keep track of upcoming episodes.

In the distant past



I worked as CTO of Shortbuzz, one of the first showcases for short film on the web.

The site webcast over 400 short films and was covered by WIRED, Rolling Stone, Premiere, The New York Times, ABC News, RES Magazine, Sight and Sound, Gear Magazine, Sony Style, and others.

In June 2000, the site was acquired by iCAST, an entertainment portal created by pre-flameout CMGI.

Lost in America

Lost in America

I co-created one of the first entertainment sites on America Online.

Lost in America followed the daily adventures of five twentysomethings sent across America for three months, and one of the first examples of reality-based programming on the web.

LOST was a part of AOL's Greenhouse Project.

My passion

I strive to build web applications with great user experience.

Users always come first. If a website doesn't work for the people who use it, it doesn't work.

My areas of interest

My toolset

XHTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript, XML, Flash, Actionscript, Prototype, Yahoo Widgets, Dashboard, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Expression Engine, and others.

Do I freelance?

AVAILABLEIf you've got a cool project you need help with, please drop me a line.

What can I offer you?

I offer clients a mix of design, programming, and marketing skills — because this is what compelling websites require.

My perfect client is…