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The RubyConf Express

September 8, 2006

RubyConf Express

In the spirit of the Argon Express, I’m taking the train to this year’s RubyConf.

I know a couple of other sd.rb people are going, so if you live near L.A. or one of the other stops on the route, hop on board!

October 18 - October 19.

Total trip time is about 1.5 days. We’re leaving from San Diego at 3pm. If you’re leaving from Los Angeles, you want to catch the 6:45pm Southwest Chief. We’ll arrive in Denver around 10:25pm the next day.

The Southwest Chief on Amtrak, heading from Los Angeles to Denver.

Using Amtrak discount code ‘H571′, one-way tickets from LA to Denver are $80. And roundtrip tickets are $160. (Airfare runs about $250 - $400, so this is a sweet bargain.)


• Hack out with other Rubyists before the main conference. (I’m planning to build a new Rails app from scratch during the trip.)

• Stay online with EVDO-enabled WIFI (where coverage allows)

• Check out the scenery from the observation car

Observation car by Sheila Ellen


Patrick Crowley
Nick Zadrozny
Kevin Clark


Are you taking rail the whole way? Sadly, the last four hours of the trip is a bus ride from Raton, NM to Denver — but it’s a direct route with only two stops. (Hey, we didn’t build the rail system… there some places they just don’t go.)

Are one-wayers welcome? Absolutely. I’m going roundtrip, but one way is cool too. Take the train out to RubyConf, then fly home in style!


  1. Robby on Rails : RubyConf Express Sep 8 edit

    […] The sd.rb group is following up on our concept for The Argon Express. People are heading to RubyConf 2006 from San Diego, California to Denver, Colorado on the RubyConf Express. […]

  2. Jen Sep 9 edit

    Ah, Denver, I miss it right now… have a great time!

  3. Patrick Oct 17 edit

    Thanks, Jen!

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