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How to Vader-ize your JBL speakers

September 22, 2006

Everybody says how much the JBL Creature II speakers look like Darth Vader.

So here’s how to do it for real.


  • Vader mask image (I used this one.)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Roll of tape


Print out the Vader image and then follow the diagram below.

Print Vader out
Cut Vader out
Face mask
Put tape on Vader
Apply face


  • Don’t own these speakers? Try pranking a friend or office buddy.
  • Try playing Star Wars music or Vader sound clips — Vader on Vader!
  • Print out “little Vaders” for the satellite speakers


  • Thanks to Eric Miller for being my first victim
  • The Vader image is from an auction on eBay.


  1. Chris Radcliff Sep 22 edit

    Awesometown. I like the effect.

    How big did you print the image? What were its dimensions on the paper?

  2. Erin Sep 22 edit

    I’ve never seen those speakers before, but that is so necessary. (I didn’t realize the mask image you used was a stock thing; I should have.)

  3. Patrick Sep 22 edit

    The original image is 600 x 631 pixels.

    When I print it out on my Mac using Safari, it winds up filling a standard letter-size piece of paper. Once printed (but before cutting), the full mask graphic should be 8 by 8.5 inches.

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  5. Cord Sep 25 edit

    For a more polished look, you could cut the image out of white contact paper and apply it to the speaker.

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  7. dfbills Sep 26 edit

    I found this prank to be totally awesome! Try remote triggering Star Wars .wav clips from the command line using the unix asciiplayer on macosx. It really steps this up to the next level.

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  9. Kort Feb 27 edit


    For owners of the white Creature speakers, just invert the image before printing, and you get Anti-Vader.
    May the Force be with you, always.

  10. I Own You Jul 4 edit

    Dude, what a NERD!
    What’s next, star-trek? LOL

  11. I Own You Jul 4 edit

    BTW, happy July 4th Marines!

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